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Boiler Fitting Milton Milton Keynes, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Bletchley, Cranfield, Woburn, Winslow

New Boiler Installation, Service & Repairs

For those needing immediate, high-quality boiler installation, replacement, repair or any maintenance service, look no further than NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd as our staff will be on-hand ready to provide you with all your requirements. 

Throughout Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, our gas safe registered engineers have all the talent and training to get your home heated once again to optimum efficiency.  

Our staff can install leading domestic boilers from the most common heating brands, from Ideal to Worcester Bosch and Valliant, so rest assured we'll bring you the best quality of boilers and instalments. We're incredibly reliable, prompt and all boiler, heating system, and bathroom installations are straightforward with minimal disruptions. 

Boilers we commonly Maintain:


Milton Keynes Heating Experts

Professionals under NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd have been with us for many years and have plenty of experience in the industry, so you can always trust our expertise and wealth of knowledge in boiler fitting and repairs. Expect a high-quality, great service after contacting us, as we can carry out a wide range of cleaning and boiler servicing for those that require plenty of maintenance. 

You can get in touch with our heating experts today if you're in the Milton Keynes, High Wycombe area and desperately searching due to boiler-related issues in your domestic home or commercial property. 

Gas Safe Engineers Milton Keynes

Our helpful heating engineers are highly experienced in the industry and fully qualified to carry out all services involving gas appliances and central heating systems. Such means they can help no matter how big or small your job requirements are. All professionals on board are gas safe certified, meaning you'll be able to find our company, and the names of those on our team are on the gas safe register to look up.

We can successfully and skillfully complete work to a high standard and safely.

Boiler Replacement

NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides its customers with complete boiler replacements for old boilers and central heating systems that are too faulty to continue fixing. 

We have an incredible team of engineers qualified and capable of helping you select the most suitable boiler systems for your home or property.

New Boiler Installation

We can install high-quality boilers and central heating systems for those needing brand-new or more updated systems. 

We have access to some of the UK's leading and common boiler system manufacturers and the qualifications and training to install them to the highest standard.

Boiler Servicing and Repair

Maintaining and repairing your boilers and central heating systems is essential to keeping your home heated and ready to curate hot water anytime. 

NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd has a fantastic local team for all Milton Keynes homes and properties capable of efficiently providing repairs and services that will leave you impressed every time.

Gas Safe Registered

It's paramount to ensure all those who repair, maintain and install your new gas appliances are gas safe registered professionals, which is why you should contact us today at NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 

All our professionals are gas safe registered engineers with gas safe ID cards and unique identification numbers ready to provide safety checks, power flushing and other heating services.

Emergency Call Outs

Living your day-to-day life without heating and hot water can be an incredible challenge, especially as the year progresses and the months grow colder. 

Emergency boiler service is available from NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd for those large or small households with young children or the elderly who require heat immediately to stay safe during the cold seasons. 

We'll treat pipework and systems alike to ensure you don't have to spend another night without heating.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Investing in and installing an upgraded system is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution when your boiler or central heating system has undergone so many faults that have been fixed with costly repairs. 

A more modern system will be more efficient and suitable for your home, providing you with more heat at a faster pace, meaning you'll save money on your energy bills, as you won't have to turn it on or up as often or for as long.


Find out how much you could save on a new boiler installation

At NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we're sensitive to the fact that a brand-new boiler instalment or replacement can be an unexpected expense sprung on you at any time of year, which is why we offer a range of cost-effective boiler quotes that accurately suit any budget or estimate. 

Our professional engineers can supply the convenient option of the latest and greatest upgrades and with aspects such as covered equipment; you don't have to take it, opting for the no-frills deal instead; however, it's always there to select and have carried out.


Why do customers choose our Boiler Fitting Service

You should get your boiler serviced or installed at NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd, as our engineers can offer customers a complete range of services and installations of numerous types of boilers, from businesses like Valliant to Worcester Bosch. 

We take pride in our excellent service; our professionals take the time before installation to walk you through all the options and answer any queries you may have regarding the system you wish to choose or which one would be the best fit for your home. 

Our existing customers enjoy that we're not a faceless brand and a local business serving those in our area. Our knowledge and expertise of each location and the most common boilers for specific houses allow our company to stand out. 

We can guarantee only the best prices for your boiler fitting, repair or other services, primarily as you're not paying for sponsorships, huge offices or TV adverts.

Local Central Heating And Boiler Services

From updating old heating systems to repairing breakdowns of your boilers, NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd can successfully transform your home or property's central heating systems with high-quality boiler installations, repairs and other services in the Milton Keynes area surrounding locations. 

We're available to contact for various local central heating and boiler services as recommended installers of the UK's leading boiler manufacturers, including Valliant, Ideal and Worcester-Bosch. Our professional engineers offer free quotations for all boiler services so that we can meet your needs. 

Boiler Fitting Milton Keynes, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Bletchley, Cranfield, Woburn, Winslow

Boiler Fitting

NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers its customers high-quality, industry-standard boiler fitting and installations at cost-effective and competitive rates that allow you to save money. Our team of gas safe engineers are fully qualified and trained to fit a variety of popular UK leading boilers from well-known manufacturers. 

Bathroom Plumbing Milton Keynes, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Bletchley, Cranfield, Woburn, Winslow

Bathroom Plumbing

We also provide our Milton Keynes and surrounding area customers and clients with top-tier bathroom plumbing and all the necessary appliances. Our professional guys are dedicated to bringing you the bathroom of your dreams with brand-new wet rooms, showers, sinks and toilets that you require. Contact us today to discuss your options and for a free quote. 

Central Heating Milton Keynes, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Bletchley, Cranfield, Woburn, Winslow

Central Heating

NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides all heating and plumbing services possible for your central heating systems. We'll grant you all the maintenance and service you desire carried out, alongside any safety checks, inspections and gas safety certificates or reports necessary to comply with your boilers warranty and the building regulations.