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How Do I Choose A Bathroom Layout

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  • 08-02-2023
How Do I Choose A Bathroom Layout

Are you asking: how do I choose a bathroom layout? Find out how to plan a new bathroom layout and questions to ask when planning a new bathroom.

NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd are trusted plumbing and heating contractors in Milton Keynes. We look at how to design the perfect bathroom for your home.

Bathroom Inspiration Sources

Social media is often a great way to be inspired by designs, especially ones such as Pinterest. By looking through magazines, Pinterest boards, and even just looking around other people's bathrooms, you'll find that you can be inspired to put the pieces together to create your own.

Even just looking at colour schemes and tiles can help inspire you, letting you visualise your design.

Bathroom Planning & Layout Advice:

How to plan a new bathroom layout

With so many bathroom layout options available, how you design your new bathroom will rely on a number of elements, including the bathroom's purpose, size, who will use it, and how frequently.

You want to see the bath or basin first, not the toilet, so the view from the doorway provides an excellent place to start when planning the arrangement of your bathroom. Build the arrangement around one focal point, such as a freestanding bath, jaw-dropping vanity, or exquisitely tiled shower area.

If the room's dimensions encourage symmetry, it is worthwhile to plan a symmetrical arrangement that may be in line with a noteworthy piece of architecture, such as an original sash window.

How Do I Choose A Bathroom Layout? plumbing and heating contractors in Milton Keynes

Make sure there is enough room around each fixture for comfortable use, and pay attention to how far the shower doors may swing. Choose inward-opening doors or an over-bath shower in a small area. Never be reluctant to enlist the expertise of experts to help you look beyond the current layout.

It's amazing how creatively designed even the smallest restrooms can be. Try experimenting with angles instead of everything sticking to the walls. A forward-facing offset bath may add a creative walk-in shower idea to the back of your bath, making it more dynamic.


Designing a family bathroom

This bathroom, which is frequently the biggest in the house, is accessible from the main hallway. In a family bathroom, it is recommended to always choose porcelain tiles, especially slip-resistant porcelain for the flooring since they are highly durable and will continue to look great for years to come.

In a busy family bathroom, fixtures and finishes should be chosen with low maintenance and lifespan in mind. In addition to being low maintenance, family bathrooms also need to have lots of storage for anything from toddler toys to the teens' ever-expanding collection of toiletries.

Where space permits, double up on bathroom vanity ideas, basins, and mirrors. If there is only one bath in the house, resist the urge to remove it. A well-designed family bathroom may make or break the morning rush or evening ritual.

It is usually the biggest room in the home, if only by a few inches. The best designs are large, easy to maintain, and good for sharing. In order to make judgements that are future-proof, consider who will be using the toilet in at least 10 years.

This is especially true for permanent fittings such as sanitaryware. A bath is ideal for cleaning up newborns and toddlers, but teens enjoy the speed and convenience of a shower, and senior family members may benefit from a readily accessible walk-in shower. 

A little forethought might save you the agony of a hasty makeover. Clever bathroom organisation ideas are crucial in family bathrooms. When there is a lack of space in a home, the family bathroom often suffers in terms of size, making the careful design more important than ever.

A small but well-planned bathroom may be more appealing and enjoyable than a large but poorly-designed bathroom; the idea is to focus on ergonomics and flexibility of movement so that everything is accessible without feeling limited or constricted. 

Making each item earn its place is crucial; a bath with an overhead shower performs two roles in one footprint, while a toilet seat can act as a useful perching point for watching bath time. 

Other important features include bath faucets that the kids won't bump their heads on, basin taps that are easy to reach and operate, towel radiators that you can hang a towel on, and, of course, ample and accessible storage.

Designing A Master En-Suite

Only responsible adults will use the master bathroom in the suite, so you can afford to splurge on opulent fixtures and elaborate lighting designs to provide a tranquil atmosphere. If there is room, choose two vanities with adjacent dressing rooms.

This is the place to splurge on pricey contemporary bathroom ideas like a steam shower or intricate sound system, which may be harmed by tinkering kids or naive guests - and to indulge in luxurious surfaces to your distinctive style.

If you're short on space, go outside the box when it comes to small bathroom designs and try installing a bathtub in the master suite with just a tiny space designated for the toilet and sink.

A considerable number of homes used to just have one bathroom, which was a shared family bathroom that everyone used.

However, many homeowners are adding bathrooms to their homes these days, so it's not unusual to find both a downstairs bathroom and many ensuites. In fact, today's homeowners find residences with ensuite bathrooms to be more appealing.

DESIGNING A MASTER EN-SUITE - Bathroom Fitting Milton Keynes

Even if their home doesn't strictly have a poor bathroom-to-family member ratio, many individuals who don't have an ensuite for their master bedroom will think about installing one. Regardless of how big your house is, you probably can incorporate an ensuite into the design.

You don't always need a complete spare room that you may convert because ensuites are frequently constructed for closet spaces or portions of bedrooms. While you use your imagination when designing your bathroom, even the tiniest rooms may be transformed into fully usable ensuites.


Shower Rooms, Wet Rooms & Guest En-Suites

Shower rooms and guest en-suites may frequently be fitted with space-saving fixtures and a cloakroom sink to take up a surprisingly tiny amount of space. Keep it straightforward, secure with thermostatic valve showers, and cleanable.

The sort of floor you have is the first factor to take into account while using a shower. An anti-slip option is necessary whether using a tray or a tiled floor. Composite trays frequently have a matte texture for added grip, while many steel trays come with an anti-slip option.

It is crucial to select a matte finish tile for the shower floor rather than a shine, which would be hazardous for grip. There are many wet room concepts and designs available, but it's crucial to remember that you will need a bracing bar for stability if the panel width is greater than 1100mm. 

Depending on the design, they can either be fastened to the wall or the ceiling. However, some homeowners like a walk-in shower over one that is completely enclosed. This has the advantage of keeping the heat inside the shower area.

Given that installing one would cost you money, you may be questioning why you should acquire a wet room or an ensuite. There are several reasons, though, why this should be one of your top priorities when planning a home remodel. 

Either of these additions should unquestionably be taken into account by families. The wetroom makes it simpler to get in and out of the shower so that children may wash without running the danger of falling and hurting themselves.

When parents simply want a little time alone and away from the family, an ensuite helps them unwind. It belongs to you and is private. 

Even if only two people are living in your house, you still require a second bathroom. Everyone has more room, there is less bathroom traffic, and there is nearly always a restroom available when someone needs to use it.

Additionally, having an ensuite allows you to keep your privacy without worrying about having to share it with visitors if you have company over. Your residence may also be valued by them. They are more valuable than what they cost, and an ensuite or wet room doesn't cost a lot.

Questions to Ask When Planning a Bathroom Layout:

Everyone needs to use the bathroom at some point, whether it's your toilet-trained baby or a pet that needs a good scrub. The bathroom is a unanimous room, and though you wouldn't train your dog to sit on the loo, you would expect any individual to use a toilet, sink, shower or bath.

The majority of morning rituals revolve on visiting the restroom. The bathroom has to be organised since anyone who wears makeup or skin care products will almost likely clog it in the morning. Additionally, when it comes to disposing of filthy clothing, bathrooms are a frequent site for laundry baskets.

Having a completely working bathroom is typically preferable since, whether you live alone or with someone else, someone will always need to use the bathroom, whether it's a friend, family member, or spouse.

dditionally, you need to know whether your bathroom will include a bath or stand-in shower; maybe a bath that accommodates more than one person or even has a shower room. How you want your bathroom to be used is based on its design. Design accounts for a lot when it comes to a bathroom as it's perhaps the most important area in a home, and therefore needs to function perfectly in the way you want and the style you want.

Don't overlook the necessity of storage when designing the ideal bathroom layout; even in a small bathroom, you may find storage alternatives other than the vanity cabinet by including a toilet surround, over-door shelving, or a recessed medicine cabinet.

Most bathroom-related concerns may be answered by looking at how much space you need for movement inside the room, the ideal size of the tub or shower if you need two sinks and other factors.

NPC Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides the best bathroom plumbing services in and around Milton Keynes. Whatever you require, our professional team can assist you with everything from boiler repairs to installing a completely new bathroom.